Apr 24 2016

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President Dr Jayesh Lele installed at MASTACON 2015 at Mumbai west function.

Dear friends

It gives me great pleasure to take over as IMA President of the biggest state, Maharashtra.

I thank Chief guest Padmashree Dr K K Aggarwal, our guest of honour P K Guha, President Dr Parthiv, Akil, Ketan, Anil, Arshad, Suhas and my many friends from IMA MUMBAI west, Dr Adhao Dr Rathod . Dr Milind,Dr Sarda, Dr Utture, Dr Pachnekar, , Dr Ravi, Dr Tambe, Dr Taori and many many friends from all over  Maharashtra, our seniors,  I thank one and all for giving me this opportunity.. I am also thankful to my wife Smita, daughter Sumedha and son to encourage me.

I also thank our friend Advocate, senior counsel Shailendra Kamdar, who has been helping us in various legal cases pertaining to crosspathy matters.

I cannot forget the support given by my staff from IMA Mumbai west, Seema, Sunita and Aparna, Sandeep and staff from IMA Maharashtra Mr Purandare, Pooja, Ashwini, Vidya, Betcy and Sneha, Mahesh and Bhairavi,

I was fortunate to work as State Jt Secretary for 3 years and state secretary for 4 years; when I could gather lot of experience from my senior Presidents. In last 5-6 years IMA Maharashtra has done lot of improvements in communication to all leaders as well as members, which has hence gained good exposure.

On behalf of my entire team 2015-16 I assure you that we shall do our best in each and every aspect to raise the standards of our state branch.

  1. My 1st and foremost agenda shall be MMC elections, and the work done by MMC President Dr Taori and our friends is commendable. In last 5 years we have seen great change in the working of MMC. We must continue the same work in future, and for which I need your help to fight the elections. We shall plan and put entire force for this issue.
  2. Our friends are facing various difficult matters like solo practitioners in small nursing homes, General practitioners as well as consultants, we will have lot of efforts to put pressure and convince various authorities to solve these matters.
  • IMA Maharashtra has been doing excellent work in the field of continuing medical education and we shall take help from all the pharma friends. It will be mutually benefit working together.
  1. Our representation to State and central government will have to be upgraded. Today IMA Maharashtra has been recognised but we shall have to ascertain and get work in positive direction. Our communication and information to Media friends shall be constant and pro-active.
  2. Our various schemes, especially the new Wing HBI will have to be more effective and must reach everywhere, for which IMA HBI National Sec Dr Ravi is toiling hard.
  3. Our friend Senior Counsel Advocate Shailendra Kamdar has been a great force in our crosspathy matters, and even IMA Hq has acknowledged his work.
  • Our various projects and programs as directed by centre are being done and specially  I would like to encourage projects like  Aao Gaon Chale, Blood donation camps, RNTCP in new form where we have our own Dr Utture as national Co-ordinator,
  • We need to join with other similar medical associations on a long term basis, wherein by responding to any call from our partner association will strengthen our friendship. This will not only help to increase the unity and solidarity but will help us to fight with respective authorities if needed.
  1. Our response time to our members in need should be very less, which will help our members to grow their confidence. This will help us to grow in membership.
  2. I wish to take up a project the side effects of Junk food and future implications. We shall try and sensitize all the schools whereby our children who will understand the problems of Obesity, Diabetes, as well as Hypertension.
  3. My IMA MUMBAI WEST branch is doing wonderful work for medical students, by donating medical text books as well as medical scholarships, which I think is very important and I appeal to all branches to take up this cause.


once again thank all and assure you my best contribution to IMA Maharashtra

Thank you





CEL +91 981 981 2996   EMAIL : drjayeshlele@gmail.com


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