May 10 2018

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Dear IMAites

Season’s Greetings to you all from IMA Maharashtra State !

Let me first express my gratitude to IMA Leaders and members of IMA Maharashtra for giving us opportunity and for having reposed the faith of holding reins of this association for the year 2017-18. I am indebted for considering me worthy of spearheading group of Doctors (around 40,000 in number) professionally par excellence who are rendering their services to the patients of this part of the country, services which can be compared with international standards.

In the past medical profession was considered as a noble profession and Doctors commanded lot of respect in the society.  For sometime our profession is losing its prestigious glory.  It’s high time for us to introspect and find out the suitable reasons for deterioration. In the present scenario medical profession is going through lot of turbulence. Despite this and keeping aside the professional outlook, we must maintain high professional and ethical standards.

We appreciate IMA Head Quarters under able leadership of our own Dr. Ravi Wankhedkar for fighting the issue of N.M.C. very effectively. IMA Maharashtra is whole heartedly supporting the agitation and I am sure due to our unity and integrity, we shall take it to Logical Conclusion.

“Be Ethical and refrain others from being unethical is our motto. IMA is against unethical practices. But due to fear of Inspector Raj and possible danger of genuine doctors been harassed, IMA is opposing the bill against Cut Practice, which is in offing by Govt. of Maharashtra.  I appreciate efforts of Dr. Shivkumar Utture, Chairman, MMC for taking proactive role in the process of preparing Draft of the Bill.  The said act may be called as “Prevention of undue Benefits in Health Care Services Act 2017”.

Due to our united efforts to fight and oppose the bill, the draconian provisions in the bill like enquiry by Anti Corruption Bureau has been removed and procedure for Grievance Redressal has been smoothened.

We have communicated to the concerned Minister and suggested that this should be considered as Civil liability and not the Criminal one and hence maximum punishment to the convicted doctor should be in the form of cancellation of Maharashtra Medical Council Registration.  During the Legal Course his Registration can be under suspension. We don’t appreciate imprisonment for any period or penalty in monetary form to the convicted person.

Clinical Establishment Act. Bill is also in the process. IMA Doctors in Committee Dr. Sanjay Deshpande Vice President IMA MS and other office bearers of IMA MS in collaboration with Maharashtra Medical Council, Chairman Dr. Shivkumar Utture and Vice Chairman Dr. Jayesh Lele are working very hard to make it Doctor friendly.

I am fortunate to have team of office bearers, perfect combination of senior and young IMA activists.  The experience of senior members blended with enthusiasm of young office bearers would be helpful to keep the IMA Flag high.

I have continued the work done by my predecessor Dr. Ashok Tambe and I believe in consolidating ongoing activity rather than taking too many activities without any component of composition.

I believe in decentralization and hence Vice Presidents and Jt. Secretaries have been assigned the regions which will help in smooth functioning of our association with the element of involvement from the office bearers.

Calendar of activities for this year has been planned meticulously by our Hon. State Secretary Dr. Parthiv Sanghvi in consultation with the hosts of various IMA branches in our State of Maharashtra.

We will try to make the activities meaningful, enjoyable and interesting.

1st Executive and Office Bearers Meeting of our IMA MS was held on 17th and 18th at holy place SHIRDI. Dr. Ravindra Kute and his team of IMA activists worked hard to make it a big success.  On behalf of new body, I pronounce our commitment and assure best activities in this year.

April was the month of Installations of various branches of IMA, Maharashtra.  I had a privilege and honour to be amongst the IMA activists at various branches. Installations were done at various places for the year 2018-19.


1st April 2018 President Dr. Salim Sachani and his team of office bearers  of  IMA Mumbai Branch.

8th April 2018 President Dr. Padma Iyer and her of team of office bearers of IMA Pun Branch.

21st April 2018 President Dr. Pramod Raut and his team of office bearers of  IMA Chandrapur Branch

22nd April 2018 President Dr. Padmakar Somwanshi and his team of office bearers of IMA Amravati Branch.

28th April 2018 President Dr. N. Bawankar and his team of office bearers of IMA Bhandara Branch.

29th April 2018 President Dr. Ashish Disawal and his team of office bearers of IMA Nagpur Branch.

3rd May 2018 President Dr. Sanjay Taori and his team of office bearers of IMA Katol Branch.

The various issues of IMA were addressed and members of IMA branches were apprised of the problems. The importance of remaining united and integrated was stressed at all the places.  The assaults on doctors and damaging the medical establishments continue in our state by miscreants and anti social elements. We need to seriously work on this issue having collaboration with police department and social leaders. IMA Action Committee needs to be vigilant and take proactive steps, wherever the problem is anticipated. We need to introspect and improve upon communication with the patients’ relatives to improve Doctor – Patient relationship. The genuine efforts need to be taken to improve Doctor – Doctor relationship also.  We look forward for the various activities planned during the year. 10th June being the C.P.S. Conference at Mumbai. President and Secretaries of various IMA branches are requested to inform the IMA Maharashtra State office about the social activities done by the members of their respective branches, so as to enable us to compile the data and pass it on to the Government depicting our D.S.R.(Doctors’ Social Responsibility).

We would also strive hard to maintain decorum of the office, keeping the association in continued high esteem taking it to newer heights.

It’s high time for all of us, to remain united, integrate and strengthen our bond leaving aside our egos in the true spirit of IMA.

Long Live IMA.


Dr. Y.S.Deshpande.





DR Y S DESHPANDE                                             DR PARTHIV SANGHVI

PRESIDENT                                                               HON STATE SECRETARY



                                                               JAI IMA

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