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Report of Social Security Scheme


Social Security Scheme of IMA Maharashtra State (2017 – 18) is represented as follows:

Chairman                               – Dr. Shailendra Mehtalia   – IMA Mumbai West Branch

Imm. Past Chairman            – Dr. Prashant Nikhade       –  IMA Nagpur Branch

Hon. Secretary                      – Dr. S. K. Joshi                     –  IMA Mumbai West Branch

Hon. Treasurer                     – Dr. Pragji Vaja                    –  IMA Mumbai Branch

Hon. Jt. Secretary                 – Dr. Urmila Garg                 –  IMA Mumbai West Branch


Managing Committee Members

Dr. Ashish Disawal                          – IMA Nagpur Branch

Dr. Avinash Wagle                           – IMA Thane Branch

Dr. Deepak Sawalakhe                     – IMA Yavatmal Branch

Dr. Moreshwar Patwardhan           – IMA Miraj Branch

Dr. Sharad Agarkhedkar                 – IMA Pune Branch

Dr. Shivaji Kakade                           – IMA Majalgaon Branch

Dr. Sanjay Patil                                  – IMA Pune Branch

Dr. Umesh Rewanwar                      – IMA Pusad Branch


Highlights of the  period (from 4/11/17  till date)

Total No. of Members till date                               ——–       7517

Total Investments                                                     ——–       about Rs. 13 Crores

No. of New Members added                                 ——–       15

No. of deaths (from 1/04/17  till date)                 ——–       24

Disability benefits to                                                _____        3 members

Total amount of benefit given                                ——–       about Rs. 2.5 Crores

Present death claim benefit                                                ——–       Rs. 9,27,780/-

Total No. of Non – Payers of  FFC – 2017             ——–       312


It was an unique experience to work as Hon. Secretary of SSS of IMA Maharashtra State. It is challenging, motivating and altogether new experience. It is indeed great satisfaction to see relations of deceased members getting reasonably good monetary assistance within fortnight It is indeed a great learning experience to learn basics & working of Scheme from senior seasoned multi-facetted personality of Chairman Dr. Shailendra Mehtalia Sir. I am indeed greatly indebted to him for his guidance. I am equally thankful to State President Dr. Y. S. Deshpande Sir, Hon. State Secretary Dr. Parthiv Sanghvi Sir, & the State Treasurer Dr. Ajoy Saha Sir for their kind Co-operation & facilitation. I also thank my Co-Office Bearers of SSS for their assistance & Co-operation. I also thank office staff for their sincerity & hard work.


We look forward to following in coming times.

  1. Digitalisation of office data & SSS working.
  2. Attempts to increase the Death claim benefit still higher
  • To reduce the no. of defaulters
  1. To add more & more new members to the scheme.


I solicit the co-operation, assistance & involvement of each & every member in fulfilling our goals of scheme.


Jai IMA Jai Maharashtra


Dr. S. K. Joshi

Hon. Secretary


Dated : 27th January 2018


IMA (MW) Building, 2nd Floor, J. R. Mhatre Marg, J. V. P. D. Scheme, Juhu, Mumbai — 400 049.

Tel. (022) 26232965 Tel. fax: (022) 2623 3890, Mob. No. 9833031188. Time: Monday to Saturday 10.30am to 5.00 pm.



It is sad truth that most of the doctors are poor in financial planning. At the time of sad demise or permanent disability of the earning member (doctor), the entire family collapses both mentally and financially. To sail through this critical, devastating and sometimes humiliating situation IMA floated a novel scheme, i.e. The Social Security Scheme (SSS). The Scheme formulated by IMA members for members, & managed by members. The primary aim of the scheme is to deliver immediate financial support to the bereaved or distressed family.


The scheme is based on a quote ‘many drops form an ocean’. Like an extended family, every member of the SSS gives his / her individual contribution to the nominee or the member.


About the scheme (IMA MS SSS)


The SSS covers the risk of uncalled death / permanent disability of our fellow brothers / sisters. The permanent disability may be mental and / or physical due to which the doctor is unable to continue his practice permanently & earning.


Eligibility & Payments


Life member of IMA MS up to the age of 60 years wishing to enroll in the IMA MS SSS & Pays.





Amount for DD for various Age group Advance Fraternity

Contribution (A.F.C.)


Fees( Annual fees for 2 years)





1 Below age 30 years 8000/- 200/- + 200/- 1000/- 9400/-
2 Below age 40 years 8000/- 200/- + 200/- 2000/- 10400/-
3 Below age 50 years 8000/- 200/- + 200/- 3000/- 11400/-
4 Between 51-55years 8000/- 200/- + 200/- 4000/- 12400/-
5 Between 55-60years 8000/- 200/- + 200/- 5000/- 13400/-



Annual Membership Subscription: – Rs. 200/- every year.


Every year in the month of April a demand note is sent to the members for Fraternity Contribution.


Non-payment on 1st October will lead to automatic deletion.


Payment Schedule Every Year:


  1. Every member of the Scheme shall contribute Death Fraternity Contribution (D.F.C.) of Rs. 200/- in the event of death of member for 25 Contribution. Out of the above amount Rs. 140/- shall be paid to the nominee of the deceased member and Rs. 60/- will go towards the Corpus Fund.
  2. After paying 25 contributions he continues paying only Annual Subscription every year.


Member’s Fraternity benefit given after completion of one year of membership of IMA MS SSS or earlier in case of death due to accident.


We have paid


During 2015 – 2016, nominee was paid Rs. 4, 37,490/-.

During 2016 – 2017, nominee was be paid Rs. 4, 50,590/-.

This Year 2017 – 2018, nominee will be paid Rs. 9, 27,780/-.


As on 31.07.2017 we have about 7450 members. From the inception since 1990 till today there are 306 deaths.



  1. Form, duly completed.
  2. Copy of Life membership Certificate form HQ.
  3. Age Proof – Certified Copy of School leaving Certificate / Passport / Birth Certificate from Municipality or Gram Panchayat / Pan Card.
  4. Multicity – payable at par Cheque / D.D. for appropriate amount.
  5. The name of the nominee/beneficiary is a MUST. Name & Address of the guardian in case of minor nominee/beneficiary.
  6. Applicant and nominee’s Passport size photo to be pasted on the form



You can also pay ADVANCE DEPOSIT TOWARDS FFC & ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION minimum Rs. 10000/- & in multiples of Rs. 5000/- (Rs. 10000/-, 15000/- etc.) without any interest.



Dr. Shailendra Mehtalia

Hon Secretary – IMA – MS – SSS.

Mobile: +91 9820377174

Email id: –



For further details please contact:-

IMA MS SSS office.





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