Dec 22 2018

ACTIVITIES-2018-19 @ 2:10 am
1st Office Bearers Meeting 6th Jan. 2019 at IMA MS Office
2nd Office Bearer Meeting 16th Feb. 2019 at IMA Chembur
1st Executive Meeting 17th Feb. 2019 at IMA Chembur
1st Sub Committee Meeting 17th Feb 2019 at IMA Chembur
1st SSS Managing Committee Meeting 7th April, 2019 at IMA MS Office
CGP Conference 05th May 2019 at IMA Pune
GERICON 16 th June Mumbai
Blood Donation on Doctors Day Week Camps will be arranged by the Branches as per their convenience  1st week of July
3rd Office Bearers Meeting 10th Aug 2019 at IMA Aurangabad
2nd State Executive Meeting 11th Aug 2019 at IMA Aurangabad
EVECON 14th & 15th Sept 2019 at IMA Baramati
AMS Conference 21st & 22nd Sept at IMA Nagpur
2nd SSS Managing Committee Meeting 06th Oct. 2019 at IMA MS Office
YUVACON Chandrapur
MAHASPORTS 25th, 26th & 27th Oct. at IMA Latur
Thursday, 14th Nov. 2019 4Th Office Bearers Meeting at
5.00 pm onward
Friday,  15th Nov. 2019 PPS                                      = 08.00am
  HBI                                        = 08.15am
  CGP                                      = 08.30am
  AMS                                      = 08.45am
  SSS                                       = 09.00am
  3rd State Executive Meeting 
  State Council                          = 1.00pm
  Presidents Appreciation Awards
Saturday, 16th Nov. 2019 Inauguration of MASTACON 2019
installation of New Team 18-19      05.00pm
Sunday, 17th Nov. 2019 Ordinary State Council            = 11.00am

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