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IMA MS CGP report

With immense pride we would like to put on record that it is indeed our privilege to work under the leadership of IMA MS President Dr.  Y. S. Deshpande and dynamic IMA MS Secretary Dr. Parthiv Sanghvi.

The latest MS CGP membership strength is 2686. We are aware that many of our colleagues have taken advantage and applied for complimentary membership under the scheme announced by our National IPP. Dr. K. K. Aggarwal last year.

We are keeping branch wise record of newly joined IMA CGP members. Our next aim is to form CGP sub faculties in all IMA branches having CGP membership strength more than 10.

We request you to please inform us about activities carried out by CGP sub faculty of your branch and feel free to contact us in case of any information required.

IMA CGP Maharashtra State Conference 2018 will be held on Sunday 10th June 2018 at IMA Mumbai Branch, Haji Ali. Registration for all outstation delegates is free.



Dr. Pankaj Bandarkar                                  Dr. Rajendra Malpani

Director IMA CGP MS                                                                    Hon. Secretary IMA CGP MS





  1. branch code numbers given to 33 branch chapters.
  2. new branch chapters with membership

1 majalgaon 18         2. aurangabad 16    3. dahanu 22

4 nandurbar 10        5 sillod 19                6. chalisgaon 15

  1. rahuri 10              8 nashik 100            9 PCB  16

10 newasa  10        11. akole 10             12. rahata 10

13 kolhar 10           14 wai 16                15 KSVS 22

16 jamkhed 16        17 panvel 45          18 bhandara 47

19 ratnagiri  51       20 gondia  19

  1. total membership 482
  2. new branch chapters formed  20

5 new ams life members added in existing chapters

jalgaon, wardha, pune, mumbai, solapur      75

6 effective membership growth 557

7 membership certificates and fellowships distributed

113 life membership distributed

6 fellowships distributed

8  AMS state conference on 5th august 2018 host meera bhayander

  1. activities of ams chapters … joint cme with ima branches, awareness

activities like organ donation , obesity, diabetes mellitus, CPR workshop

10.new ima branches formed   1.  gangapur 11 members

  1. paranda bhoom  14 members

total new ima members formed  53


report by…

DR RAVINDRA KUTE                     DR SANJAY PURANDARE                    DR RAJEEV AGARWAL

Chairman                                            Vice chairman                                            Secretary



Dear Friends,

It gives me an immense pleasure that 92nd Annual Conference of IMA – NATCON 2017 and the 78th Annual Meeting of the Central Council of IMA in vibrant city of Mumbai was hosted by IMA MUMBAI WEST. I am feeling proud, after 40 years our branch got such a excellent opportunity to host this prestigious conference. I give special thanks to National HQ & Team 2017 to allow us to conduct this Mega Event. All of us were really excited to accept this challenge which is of really a herculean task. Such conferences & Central Council gives an opportunity for fruitful deliberation, interactions & honor the achievements of Medicals professionals across India. It also brings together research workers, practicing senior & young doctors to a common   platform so as to exchange their ideas & discussions on current problems to help community & medical fraternity.

We all started working for this NATCON – 2017 since month of April with a proper planning in the mind. The important aspect was how to raise finance.  But after the  discussions with  President Dr Sanjay Dudhat and Office bearers of IMA Mumbai west, Dr Akil Contractor, Dr. Ketan Mehta, Dr. Agam Vora, Dr. Shashank Joshi, started finding proper path for the same. Pharma friends had significant contribution which  made this conference a great success.

Entire TEAM NATCON 2017  and  all  IMA  staff contribution is tremendous and I am obliged to all.


Patron Dr Ketan Desai, Past President Dr K K Aggarwal, President Dr  Ravi Wankhedkar, Dr R N Tandon, Dr. V. K. Monga, Dr Vinay Agarwal , Dr Marthanda Pillay have been  giving constant support and encouragement.


I also take the opportunity to thank  all IMA HQ Office bearers,all State presidents and Office bearers who have generously contributed towards IMA NATCON 2017, which is probably for the first time.

“Special thanks and gratitude to the whole IMA NATCON Team and all the delegates across India & our members for their excellent support and contribution for making this mega event  a Grand success”


Long Live IMA


With warm regards,


Yours Sincerely,





                                                                      NATCON  2017 REPORT


It was a matter of extreme honor and privilege to present all of you  92nd Annual Conference of IMA – NATCON 2017 and the 78th Annual Meeting of the Central Council of IMA with  Installation of new  National President & his team , was held in the vibrant city of Mumbai, on 27 th & 28 Dec 2017. I am feeling extreme proud that our branch,IMA Mumbai West was the host for the conference. I express my gratitude from the bottom of my heart and sincerely thank the  Patron Dr Ketan Desai,  National President, Dr. K.K Agarwal, National President elect Dr Ravi Wankhedkar & Hon Secretary General Dr. R. N. Tandon and the  team to allow us to host this august gathering of top medical professionals in the country. Thanks to all the states including Maharashtra state IMA for their financial contribution &moral support for the NATCON conference.  It is my heartfelt belief that such  conferences  and central council meetings provides a platform to come up with viable solutions to the issues facing the fraternity. This was also be an opportunity to celebrate and honour the achievements of doctors across India who have tirelessly served the community and adhered to the noble standards of IMA

After almost 40 years . National IMA Conference was  held in Mumbai from 27-28th Dec 2017, by our IMA MW Branch was a La Grande Success. NATCON 2017 was held at hotel The LALIT  under the guidance our dynamic leader Dr Jayesh Lele, Organising Chairman. He did Outstanding work as Organizing Chairman and guided properly all of us. We started working for the conference since April 2017, almost 9 months of sincere and untiring hard work. We kept only one aim in front of us, Our branch should shine all over the country and to keep IMA flag high.  It was a dream came true, irrefutably a Himalayan task to meet all the challenges of funding the whole meeting. The finance was the main issue in front us, not easy job,  but was nicely managed by Dr Jayesh Lele Sir, Dr Ketan Mehta, Dr Agam Vora, Dr Shashank Joshi, Dr Akil Contractor, Dr sanjay Dudhat and others. To organise the same and accommodate over 800 delegates in hotels and all in the busy metropolis of Mumbai was indeed a incredible task, was done  so smoothly. The venue of this Meeting The LALIT , was so Grand and Apt with amazing ambience and convenience for all. The stay was indeed heavenly. The whole NATCON team had systematic execution of the work.

1200 REGISTRATIONS all over India,  6 orations, 46 lectures in parallel halls with stalwart speakers on two days ,Central council meetings for 2 days, Award ceremony, 3  Grand Banquets,Ehassan Quereshi Laughter Enerzal  musical night with Super delicious food were the highlights of the conference.

On 26 th December , In the evening there was National HQ meeting – Finance standing committee and building standing committee  which discussed important issues regarding the same. All the leaders , National President Dr .K.K.Agarwal , National President elect Dr Ravi Wankhedkar,Hon Secretory Jon. Dr R Tondon finanace secretory DR Monga ,Building committee chairman Dr Bakulesh Mehta with other office bearers conducted the meeting successfully. It was followed by the banquet with musical night.

On 27 th of December , Wednesday, at 9 am the conference was stated with lectures of stalwart speakers . At !0 am “ Dr Kishor Taori  National Oration : IT solution in regulation of meical education & medical practice” was nicely delivered by Dr Ajay Kumar,Past national President.. The inauguration of the conference with lamp lighting was  done at 10.30 am  by the National President Dr.K.K agarwal and other dignitaries of National HQ and IMA Mumbai west. The lectures and the orations were planned in these  halls from 9am to 5 pm on 27 th Dec. & 28 Dec.After the inauguration, Dr Surabhai Sheth Oration was delivered by the outstanding  stalwart Orator, Dr Ved Prakash Mishra , Hon’ble Chancellor,Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences “Deemed To Be University”, Karad, Maharashtra, India. He gave oration on “ Concerns & challenges before Medical Education”. His speech was superb and the eye opener for medical professionals. He was felicitated by the  National President Dr .K.K.Agarwal , National President elect Dr Ravi Wankhedkar and other dignitaries.


On 27 Dec at 1.30 pm , the 78th Annual Meeting of the Central Council of IMA was started. All the dignitaries From National HQ were assembled in the Plaza . President IMA Mumbai west, Dr Sanjay Dudhat  welcomed all the dignitaries and the member of central council.  All the dignitaries including National President Dr .K.K.Agarwal , National President elect Dr Ravi Wankhedkar, Hon Secretory Jon. Dr R Tondon, finance secretory DR Monga were welcome with flower of bouquet by  DR Jayesh Lele, Dr Sanjay Dudhat and Dr. Saurabh Sanjanwala. All other past presidents and important dignitaries were also welcomed with flower of bouquet. The Memorial services for the departed souls of members of IMA all over India in 2017 was done in a very dignified manner. The overall show was really fantastic. The main Issues like National Medical Council Bill, Clinical Establishment Act were discussed at length. Many queries of the central council members were solved satisfactorily.

The Award ceremony on 27th Dec was a great success. 172 awards were given gracefully to the awardees. IMA Mumbai west branch received  award for organising NATIONAL  conference  NATCON.  IMA Mumbai West branch received award for organising IMA National Conference NATCON 2017 .Dr Lele  received President appreciation AwardDr Sanjay Dudhat received  Dr C L Sahini Award for services  rendered to IMA and the society . Dr Bakulesh Mehta & Dr Rashmikant  Sanghvi also received President appreciation award. Maharashtra State IMA  received three major awards . The MOC of the award function was Dr Archana  Pate , did fabulous job . After the Award function there was banquet at night with delicious sumptuous food and beverages. 850 delegates participated in the banquet.re very happy with all the arrangements by the NATCON organizing team.

On 28 Dec. Thursday, the academic conference was started at  sharp 9.am. At 11am ,Dr Nitu Mandke Oration on Advances in Paediatric Cardiac Surgery was superbly delivered by the Eminent Paediatric Cardiac Surgeon, Dr Suresh Rao. He gave exceelent overview of paediatric cardiac surgery. He was Felicitated by President Dr Sanjay Dudhat ,Dr Mrs Mandke and IMA Mumbai west office bearers. The conference in the both the halls were managed properly and timely. After every lecture on both days the concerned pharma supporters were felicitated for their excellent contribution.


On 28 Dec. at 5.30 pm, Majestic hall was made ready with excellent decoration for the most prestigious installation ceremony. The over all ambience was really  fabulous. The dynamic leader  Dr Ravi Wankhedkar was installed as national President with his team. The Chief guest for this function was Patron,Dr ketan Desai Sir. MOC for the programme were Dr Jagruti Sanghvi and Dr Neeta Biyani ( Dhule IMA), did superb and impressive job throughout. After IMA prayer & flag salutation, there were welcome speeches by Dr Jaysh Lele,sir & President Dr Sanjay Dudhat. Dr k.k Agarwal  delivered  “IMA Dr Ketan Desai Medical statesman of the highest order oration” as outgoing National President. The film on Dr. Ravi Wankhedkar was shown. He was installed and felicitated with exchange of medallion from previous National President Dr K.K Agarwal. Dr Ravi wankhedkar was also felicitated by one of the cancer patient, Mrs Anuja Chavan, Differently abled children, Mast. Atharav Dudhat & Miss Paramjeet as concepted by me. Then the whole team of 2018 of IMA HQ & wings were installed gracefully.  The souvenir and Radiance magazine of the conference was released in hands of Patron and Chief Guest Dr Ketan Desai Sir rand other  dignitaries on the dias . Dr Ravi wankhedkar delivered “ IMA Dr, V.C V pillai Oration “ as incoming National President. He spoke exceedingly well. He told his plans and  future strategies of IMA .  It was followed by “ IMA Founder’s Oration” delivered Outsandingly by Patron and Chief Guest Dr Ketan Desai Sir. Dr Ravi wankhedkar and team Dhule did felicitation of the whole NATCONeam.  Vote of thanks were given by finance secretory DR Monga . Everbody  was extremely happy, appreciated and praised the programme, venue & the ambience.After the installation there was banquet with Ehassan Quereshi Laughter  Enerzal musical night & super delicious food, enjoyed thoroughly by every one.  The delegates and important dignitaries gave lot of praises & compliments  for the conference and also said that it was Unique well organised  Natcon in last 25 years .

“Special thanks and gratitude to the whole  NATCON Team which has worked with untiring efforts, their sincere hard work & commitment, IMA Staff, all the delegates across India & all our members for their commendable support and overwhelming response”.

Dr Sanjay Dudhat,

President IMA Mumbai West,

Organising Co- Chairman  Of NATCON 2017

& Jt. secretory IMA Maharashtra State




Dear colleague,


Greetings from IMA Hospital Board of India, Maharashtra State


Last year, we were 956 HBI members  and today we are 1079 members in number.

We are exponentially increasing NABH membership every month. We have 651 NABH Hospitals enrollments till now . Many sub chapters have been formed all over Maharashtra State. Membership in various sub chapters is increasing day by day due to untiring efforts of the HBI core committee which is working relentlessly to promote NABH Accreditation. I hope within a few days many more members and branches will join IMA HBI MS and form the Sub – chapters.


As you know , most awaited accreditation of hospitals was started by IMA HBI.And MOU was signed between NABH and IMA with objective to help hospitals and small health organizations (SHCO) for quality improvement.

IMA HBI has mobilized its resources to create awareness programs and engage hospital and SHCO to attend sensitization programs and enroll to work towards pre accreditation level accreditation.

The HBI Core team has conducted many sensitization programmes all over the Maharashtra state & created clusters so that a larger group of members can be addressed for the pre entry level accreditation.   IMA has started cluster sensitization programmes which has succeeded in big way & we have got lot of members registering for NABH.


IMA Maharashtra State & State Chapter of IMA Hospital Board of India (HBI) has started a “Cluster Based Technical Assistance for NABH Pre-Accreditation Entry Level Certification Programme” for small & medium size hospitals in Maharashtra. This initiative is for IMA HBI members only.


The NABH Accreditation benefits Hospitals for continuous improvement. It enables hospital in demonstrating commitment to quality care. It raises community confidence in the services provided by the hospital. It also provides opportunity to healthcare unit to benchmark with the best. It improves overall professional development of Clinicians and Paramedical staff and provides leadership for quality improvement within medicine and nursing. Accreditation provides an objective system of empanelment by insurance and other Third Parties. Accreditation provides access to reliable and certified information on facilities, infrastructure and level of care.


The IMA HBI Pre – Accreditation Entry Level NABH Accreditation Program is done on following steps: Step I Baseline assessment, Step II Action planning, Step III Training, Step IV SOPs & Documentation, Step V Mock Survey


We had conducted managing committee meeting of the IMA HBI Maharashtra chapter on 10th December 2017 at IMA MS Office Juhu wherein  Dignitaries from IMA HBI HQ and IMA HBI State and IMA MS  President Dr. Y. S. Deshpande, IMA MS Secretary Dr. Parthiv Sanghvi & National President Dr. Ravi Wankhedkar were present.

The purpose of this meeting was not only to discuss NABH but issues beyond the purview of NABH like renewal of Hospital Registration, Fire Safety norms and many more.

The following issues were discussed with brain storming on each issue and chairpersons and advisors for various sub committees were appointed to smoothly and efficiently handle all the issues.


  1. Ensuring Quality Services,
    2. Registration Under State Nursing Home Act,
    3. Fire Safety Norms,
    4. TPA Issues,
    5. Insurance (Indemnity & Others),
  2. Staff Training & Welfare Program,
    7. Health Awareness Program,
  3. Soft Skills & Leadership Development Program,
  4. Bio Waste Disposal,
  5. Universal Infrastructural / Architectural Norms,
  6. Electricity Norms,
  7. Procurement Issues,
    13. Financial Issues,
  8. Bad Mouthing Issue,
  9. Ethical Issues,
  10. Security Issue,
  11. Apps for material / instrument purchase, staff personnel, etc.,
  12. Ideal Clinic Guidelines,
  13. e-Bulletin,
  14. Guidance Cell For A Newcomer.


It was declared by Dr. Mangesh Pate that soon HBI constitution will changed in NATCON 2017 and name will be changed to Clinical Establishment Board of India to tackle all problems & include everyone It will serve and solve many things. IMA has set up accreditation council and Dr. Ravi Wankhedkar is Chairman of this council.

Out of 956 HBI member hospitals, 560 hospitals have applied for NABH Entry Level Certification. Many sub chapters have been formed all over Maharashtra State. Membership in various subchapters is increasing day by day due to the untiring efforts of the HBI Core committee which is working relentlessly to promote NABH Entry Level Certification Program. I hope within a few days many more members and branches will join IMA HBI MS and form the sub-chapters.


The HBI Core team has conducted many sensitization programs all over the Maharashtra state & created clusters so that a larger group of HBI members can be addressed for the pre entry level certification. Dr.Jayesh Lele has taken many sensitization lectures. Dr. Mangesh Pate has delivered NABH pre accreditation drive lectures at following branches – Mira Lonand, Phaltan, Ahmednagar, Thane, Boisar, Chiplun, PCB, Dombivali, Dhule, Sindhudurg, Pune, Badlapur, Beed, Solapur, & Nagpur.  Dr.Dinesh Thakare has conducted full day NABH workshops at Wardha, Akola, Yavatmal, Bhandara, Amravati & Washim. Many more to come. All lectures were attended by many members and appreciated by one & all. It has succeeded in big way & we have got lot of members registering for NABH certification.  If you want to arrange the same at your branch, please contact them..


IMA Maharashtra State & State Chapter of IMA Hospital Board of India (HBI) has started a “Cluster Based Technical Assistance for NABH Pre-Accreditation Entry Level Certification Program” for small & medium size hospitals in Maharashtra.


The IMA HBI Pre – Accreditation Entry Level NABH Accreditation Program is done as per following steps


Step I – Baseline assessment: Assesses each area and conducts a detailed baseline assessment of the organization’s current scenario and each measurable element. Score gives specific findings and recommendations. Baseline quality data as required by the quality monitoring standards is also analysed. This defines gap analysis from the defined standards.


Step II – Action planning: Using the findings of the baseline assessment & gap analysis, a detailed project plan is developed, starting first with priority areas of the core standards. Responsibilities, deliverables and time frames are assigned.


Step III – Training: Good people skills, time-management skills, and consensus-building skills, and to explain each chapter of standards to the hospital nodal people, doctors from throughout the hospital and carry out the process.


Step IV – SOPs & Documentation: Compiles a list of all required policies and procedures, SOPs & documentation that will need development and revision. Continuous monitoring the progress in meeting the standards, such as through a mini-evaluation of each chapter at regular intervals.


Step V – Mock Survey: “Mock Survey” is done before the actual accreditation survey. Evaluators will look at the organization with a fresh and objective eye. Final revisions and corrections will be advised based on the findings of the final mock survey.


Status of the Program as on 31st July 2017


  • Started work in three region – Mumbai, Pune and Nashik
  • Total no. of hospitals enrolled for the program till 31stJuly is 513

Mumbai Region – 164, Pune Region – 170, Nashik Region – 89

  • Trainings – 109 Hospitals trained in Pune Region, 120 hospitals trained in Mumbai Region and 27 hospitals trained in Nashik Region.
  • Gap Assessment – Gap Assessment of 21 Hospitals completed in Mumbai Region


Maharashtra HBI is fortunate that we are having our four members in Managing Committee of HBI HQs. Dr.Jayesh Lele is a “Secretary”, Dr.Mangesh Pate is “Treasurer”, Dr.Dinesh Thakare is “Joint Secretary” and Dr.Rajeev Agrawal is “Director”. As all of you know, Dr.Ravi Wankhedkar our National President Elect and Dr.Ashok Adhao our Past National President, both are constant source of guidance to us.

Also, Dr.Mangesh Pate is “National Coordinator for IMA NABH Accreditation Drive”. And Dr.Dinesh Thakare is “Master Trainer, NABH Pre- accreditation Entry Level Standards For Hospital”

I congratulate them all and hope that under their guidance, HBI MS will grow leaps & bounce and achieve high position at HQ level.


GST: IMA HBI (HQ) held special informative program by Chartered Accountant Mr. Dilip Phadke at IMA Mumbai west premises on 6th Aug. 2017. The 4 hours session was well attended and the detailed discussion took place. The pdf file is circulated.


IMA HBI Insurance summit : IMA HBI (HQ) held special 1 day workshop along with TPA’s & various insurance companies.  Many hospitals are facing problems with TPA’S & Insurance companies regarding sanction of reimbursement, impanelment and other issue about changes. The day long event gave detailed in sight to above issues.  It was decided to have frequent meetings to plan future course of action.


Dear friends, please join HBI individually. If there is no sub-chapter, I request all branches to form their respective sub-chapter of HBI.

I thank my Chairman Dr.Dinesh Thakare for his support, appreciation and guidance.



Dr. Ashok Tambe                                                               Dr. Dinesh Thakare           

President, IMA MS                                                             Chairman, IMA HBI MS,



Dr. Saurabh Sanjanwala,                                                   Dr. Mangesh Pate

Hon. Secretary, IMA HBI MS                                          Treasurer, IMA HBI MS


                                                            Report of Social Security Scheme


Social Security Scheme of IMA Maharashtra State (2017 – 18) is represented as follows:

Chairman                               – Dr. Shailendra Mehtalia   – IMA Mumbai West Branch

Imm. Past Chairman            – Dr. Prashant Nikhade       –  IMA Nagpur Branch

Hon. Secretary                      – Dr. S. K. Joshi                     –  IMA Mumbai West Branch

Hon. Treasurer                     – Dr. Pragji Vaja                    –  IMA Mumbai Branch

Hon. Jt. Secretary                 – Dr. Urmila Garg                 –  IMA Mumbai West Branch


Managing Committee Members

Dr. Ashish Disawal                          – IMA Nagpur Branch

Dr. Avinash Wagle                           – IMA Thane Branch

Dr. Deepak Sawalakhe                     – IMA Yavatmal Branch

Dr. Moreshwar Patwardhan           – IMA Miraj Branch

Dr. Sharad Agarkhedkar                 – IMA Pune Branch

Dr. Shivaji Kakade                           – IMA Majalgaon Branch

Dr. Sanjay Patil                                  – IMA Pune Branch

Dr. Umesh Rewanwar                      – IMA Pusad Branch


Highlights of the  period (from 4/11/17  till date)

Total No. of Members till date                               ——–       7517

Total Investments                                                     ——–       about Rs. 13 Crores

No. of New Members added                                 ——–       15

No. of deaths (from 1/04/17  till date)                 ——–       24

Disability benefits to                                                _____        3 members

Total amount of benefit given                                ——–       about Rs. 2.5 Crores

Present death claim benefit                                                ——–       Rs. 9,27,780/-

Total No. of Non – Payers of  FFC – 2017             ——–       312


It was an unique experience to work as Hon. Secretary of SSS of IMA Maharashtra State. It is challenging, motivating and altogether new experience. It is indeed great satisfaction to see relations of deceased members getting reasonably good monetary assistance within fortnight It is indeed a great learning experience to learn basics & working of Scheme from senior seasoned multi-facetted personality of Chairman Dr. Shailendra Mehtalia Sir. I am indeed greatly indebted to him for his guidance. I am equally thankful to State President Dr. Y. S. Deshpande Sir, Hon. State Secretary Dr. Parthiv Sanghvi Sir, & the State Treasurer Dr. Ajoy Saha Sir for their kind Co-operation & facilitation. I also thank my Co-Office Bearers of SSS for their assistance & Co-operation. I also thank office staff for their sincerity & hard work.


We look forward to following in coming times.

  1. Digitalisation of office data & SSS working.
  2. Attempts to increase the Death claim benefit still higher
  • To reduce the no. of defaulters
  1. To add more & more new members to the scheme.


I solicit the co-operation, assistance & involvement of each & every member in fulfilling our goals of scheme.


Jai IMA Jai Maharashtra


Dr. S. K. Joshi

Hon. Secretary


Dated : 27th January 2018

























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