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Indian Medical Association Maharashtra State

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Introduction :

A large section of the members of the Indian Medical Association across the country own Nursing Homes, Clinics where procedures are done and Diagnostic Centers which are owned by them and not by Corporates or Businessmen.

They have their own peculiar problems which other IMA members in Government service, or as employees of Corporate establishments do not face. The whole IMA thus is divided according to specific interests of each member. To look after the specific interests and problems of the members of who run Nursing homes and Establishments, the IMA has started, in DEC 2011, a Hospital Board of India. (Read Rules and Byelaws)

Its objectives are:
1. To assist Hospitals to achieve international standards in patient care and safety
2. To assist Hospitals to countenance Clinical Establishment Act
3. To increase the viability of small and medium sized hospitals by value addition.
4. To provide hospitals an affordable access top accreditation.

The HBI is a body with a national Executive, an Executive in every State branch and an Executive in every District branch.